What is a Carport?

Homeowners in Australia have the luxury of choosing between a garage and a carport to provide sufficient shelter for their vehicles. The two options may have similar functionality, but there are very different in many ways. The most obvious difference is that a garage requires a lot of space to build while a carport does not. In this article, we dig in at the practicality of carports and the different material options available for you.

First, carports – www.victoryhomeimprovements.com.au are versatile since you have the option to attach them to your wall or build them separately. On the other hand, a garage is something integrated into the house or building. If you have an existing garage, you can still build a carport and transform the garage into a home addition. It is a smart and practical option if you have more than a couple of vehicles to house and protect.

There is no denying that the most significant advantage of a carport, when compared to a typical garage, is that the former offers the same functionality and practicality to the latter, but you spend less than half the price of the latter.

Some of the most preferred carports – www.victoryhomeimprovements.com.au in Australia include:

1 – Steel Carport

Steel carports are the most popular type since they are durable and sturdy. In fact, steel is one of the most reliable construction materials out there, both for commercial and residential settings; and carports are no exception. Steel carports make use of galvanised steel pillars, while the roof utilises steel sheet. Since steel is naturally dense, it stays in place and remains stable even when subjected to strong winds and storms. It also has an excellent aesthetic quality.

2 – Tin Carport

As much as there are so many things to love about steel carports, the primary disadvantage is the pricey upfront cost. Well, affordability is where a carport made from tin stands out. However, the cheaper price tag of a tin carport also means it is less durable. Tin carports are accessible for those who want to use them for only a few years while hoping to save enough money to build a permanent and more stable shelter for their vehicles. It is not ideal for long-term use since tin as a material naturally gives in to moisture and results in corrosion and rust. Tin is the preferred material for building most freestanding carports.

3 – Aluminium Carport

Undoubtedly the most practical material for making carports is aluminium, owing to its naturally low weight and inherently durable properties. With the ideal combination of lightweight and durability means it is easy to install. Aluminium carports are popular since they come in different colours and designs, too. Best of all, an aluminium carport is more affordable than steel and tin.